Cakes are  a creation of Dreamers. One who wants to combine a few or a lot of ingredients to arrive at a Destination.

My creations, these cakes have the core of a traveler. Almost to a point of craze. On the day of their birth, one traveled to London via Pune. On the second round of birthing, they romped off to China and Spain via Bangalore …… Undeniably its my core. A big part of me in them hence the fix.

Now it’s easier, i let go of  a part of me or rather unleash myself onto the world and see it through their eyes. In this way i leave a mark in some sense too in this world. Which was proving to be quite difficult otherwise.

My friend reported, it was had by people from Mumbai and Delhi- in essence Taantraa visited. The saga of the never ending journey.

So know !

Only serious hard core traveling vibes Beings pick up my cakes. They consume and share these with equally or more serious travelers and no less. Static energies won’t even have a clue that Taantraa exists. Nor will they know that Taantraa is an entity that can be consumed to share the pulse of the fellow travelers of this Universe or with the beings from outer space.


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