Cosmic Ingredients

The rush that surges through these divine cakes are an amalgamation of certain energies, which are woven together to create pure threads of molten gold, sometimes wrapped in

  • cocoa
  • moong dal
  • coffee choco
  • just nuts
  • wine
  • almond orange

As the Taantraa unfolds thus the cakes rises and peaks. The said energies are a part of this and that with a lop solid dollop of magick potion. To disclose the must haves elements:


  • Multi garin
  • Wheat grass
  • Jaggery
  • Nuts


  • Eggs
  • Curd


  • Oil
  • Spices


  • Popping sodas
  • Magick potions

This is the mix that gets the soul on a cosmic trip. Once the magick settles the soul hears the song and dance of woven gold.


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