Another “Traveler Taantrik wrote in”

Vee Wong was a pleasure to meet and the most adorable human being on earth !

Taantraa was desperate to travel to China and how ! Too lengthy to pen it here.

Through Vee it reached Hongkong phew !

Vee Wong

Vee’s comment:

“I had the red wine cake…and the coffee cake…and the very special orange cake, awesome. It tastes healthy — light, not sweet (but sweet in a different way, ne?), and heart-warming. Bundle of joy. Thanks a bunch, T.

          And how is K lately? “

Vee, i look forward to your visiting India all over again.

Be well and take care !



2 responses to “Another “Traveler Taantrik wrote in”

  1. this is sooo fab! ‘tantraa’ is an international traveler – crossing borders & spreading so much joy all around. i am now convinced that the way to ones’s heart is through the stomach & if its healthy n organic it adds up to many extra brownies 🙂

    way to go tantraa!


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