Chances are

That if you have parked yourself at Taantraa then you are a

  • Health Freak
  • Wannabe Health Freak
  • Pushed by a HF or WHF
  • Oh la la Pregnant
  • Have a kid at hand
  • Singing soul
  • Twinkling eyes
  • Beautiful smile

And that you loathe Maida (all purpose flour) with a vengeance ! Well, there is nothing to really like in it too !

Preparation of Maida. White flour is created by removing the bran and germ from the wheat. which contains fiber and other nutrients, and germ, which consist of vitamin E and polyunsaturated fat, are removed. After the flour is ground in a flour mill (Chakki), it is passed through a fine mesh (600 mesh per square inch) to obtain maida. This is then bleached with Benzoyl peroxide and softened using Alloxan. Alloxan destroys beta cells in the pancreas.

Though sometimes referred to as “all-purpose flour” by Indian chefs, it more closely resembles cake flour or even pure starch

Considering we eat

  • 3 meals a day
  • Live upto 75 years of age
  • 1 year = 365 days
  • So In 1 year we eat 365 X 3 = 1095 times
  • In 75 years we eat 75 X 1095 = 82125 times

So effectively we eat during our lifetimes !

1 Meal: 27375 times Bread it being a major part of the breakfast

2 Meal: 27375 times Pasta it being a major part of the Lunch

3 Meal: 27375 times Pizza it being a major part of the Dinner

There is no escape !

From Acid-Forming Foods? If it means to avoid just the below list.

Then I would say Yes we can escape !

                      Acid-Forming Substitute
Pasteurized Milk and Dairy Products Almond milk
Soda/Carbonated Drinks Fresh Juices
Prescription Drugs Home remedies/Ayurveda
Sugar Jaggery
Salt Rock Salt
White Flour Whole wheat/Multigrain
Meat Vegetable/Soya products
Vegetable Oils Ghee/Olive oil
Fast (Fried) Food Homemade slow food

Granny would have told you just this !

And she is Always right 😉 !


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