Taantraa at 220

Rains and Bangalore go hand in hand.

So do teeth and tongue

In-spite of the tongue being bitten a 100 times by the teeth they are still together !

& so are we : ))) – That’s me and Bangalore not me and rains ! but that’s Bangalore & rains means the same !

Then it’s me=rains=Bangalore

There, i have derived yet another of these complex derivatives ! I like to feel like a mathematician now and then and that’s when i come up with these 😉

Well not to get swayed from where the topic of rains came from 😛

220 last Sunday & did it start to pour since Saturday night ! YES ! With almost 100 muffins at home ready to be shipped for the Flea Market, here i sat and made Plan B how to sell my cuppas:

  • Do a Flea in my building
  • On the FB page
  • On the CMH Road
  • In the Car outside a Mall
  • Give them to the Blind School

Well nothing sounded as convincing as convincing the Rain Gods 😉 hence i sang the rain song and of-course the rest is history.

Not to mention the shock at seeing a Full Organic Restaurant being transported from Bannerghatta to BTM Layout ! Holy Smoke and i was back to making Plan C on how to sell my cuppas:

  • Not be on the table Next to them
  • Become a mobile vendor
  • Pretend they didn’t exist (even after eating their scrumptious samosas/jalebis- slurrrp slurp )
  • Pray to food Gods- Though here i must confess, i did not even know the food song !

Then i remembered Louise Hay , re-practiced breathing and got on with living the moment/excitement/buzz of the always special 220.

Lovely people, cutest children, shining eyes, drooling mouths, Colors each and every where ❤ ❤ <3- unending fun !

Captured by Praveen from Wooplr and some by us below 🙂

Taantraa // Organic Handbaking

220 BTM. Taantraa

Us & Flowers

Also a point to highlight here is I have not been singing 😉 hence ?

Been raining EvErY nIgHt 😛

Mystickal Gratitude,



3 responses to “Taantraa at 220

    • Welcome Anu, It’s super awesome to find you here !

      Yeah so silly of me, i should have just known : ) : ) : ) !

      Me=220=Sold Out -> What do you say 😉 🙂

      I am definitely sold out on 220 !

      Loads of Blessings,


  1. Hey Chaitali, couldn’t resist leaving a word for you here and there is only one word that flows – AWESOME love your writing and all you share, please do it more often!!! Love and hugs <3<3<3


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