First we were covered by Vogue as the go-to organic baker in Bangalore.

Now we have become the only Indian baker to be mentioned by Asia Pacific Baker in their trends report on organic baking in Asia.

Asia Pacific Baker is distributed in over 15 countries with a readership that includes hotel managers, industrial plant bakers, craft bakers, frozen and general food manufacturers, import/export and supermarket groups, as well as educational institutions and subscribers.

summer 2015


Humbled to be featured in🍁VOGUE 🍁🍁

Vogue | Published: November 2015

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Making it to Femina this time !

Femina | INDIA |Published: 21th April 2015

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Featured in Sunday Times page no. 10 !
Growing up i would read Newspapers … in awe with such turn of events ….

Thank you everyone for such love !!!

Sunday Times | BANGALORE |Published: 20th December 2015


Baking for glowing health – New Indian Express | By Aparna Chandra | ENS – BANGALORE |Published: 24th June 2013 12:08 PM

Chaitali Raizada wants to create awareness on healthy eating | EPS

Chaitali Raizada wants to create awareness on healthy eating | EPS

For the life of her, Chaitali Raizada can’t understand how people wolf down burgers and French fries. And it is stranger when she hears parents blaming their children for bad food choices. And so, no wonder, this 37-year-old, who learnt her lessons on nutrition early, is on a ‘good food’ mission.

“The truth is that parents are so entrenched in a certain lifestyle that they would rather pass on a bag of potato chips than take the effort to eat healthy. A child will only pick among choices he or she is exposed to,” says Raizada.

Today, with the message of healthy eating, she runs Taantraa, a baking unit where she creates cakes and muffins to suit vegan, gluten free diets.

“I always enjoyed baking. It became an even more consuming passion once Aanyaa, my daughter was born. I didn’t want her to have any of the white stuff like refined flour or sugar,” says Raizada. So she made cakes using jaggery, multigrain flour (sprouted wheat, wheat, ragi and jowar and bajra) and wheatgrass.

Two years ago, Raizada, while still working with an IT major in Bangalore, went from home baker to part-time entrepreneur to start Taantraa. “I would bake through the night, after work. I started with five flavours of cakes, now there are fourteen,” she says. Of those, the Moong Dal Cake is Raizada’s signature bake. “It came from finding a way to get my daughter to have her proteins.”

While Raizada goes the extra length to ensure wholesome ingredients and taste, she’s aware that it’s only half the battle won in propagating healthy food choices. “These cakes don’t look half as good as they taste, especially since cosmetically dressing them up with whipping cream or colours is not part of my philosophy. So getting people to take the first bite is the challenge,” says Raizada, who since February, this year, quit her job to focus on her Indiranagar-based venture.

Raizada insists that investing in homemade healthy food is what can keep us away from the commercialisation of food that we see around. “All of us can take small steps to reject this marketing blitzkrieg that forces us to make wrong food product choices. It’s worth its while to invest in homemade food that is closest to our culture.”

And she has her suggestions. “It would be better to pick rock salt or sea salt over regular white salt and instead of white sugar that’s been bleached, palm sugar, coconut sugar or date sugar would be a fine option,” she says.

According to her, these choices gradually become part of one’s life and you won’t enjoy the chemically processed alternatives any more. “My daughter, who is now nine, has caught on with my food sensibilities. Now  when she has regular cakes elsewhere, she comes back saying how bad it tasted. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to know that she already recognises good from bad,” she states.


Unsinfully Sweet  – Times Of India | By Mahalakshmi.P | Published: 24th May 2015 10:08 AM

Times of India

Times of India

Times of India

Times of India


The alchemy of food – The Tribune | By Mriganka Dadwal | ENS – Chandigarh|Published: 24th August 2013 10:08 AM

CHAITALI RAIZADA: For her, baking is sacred

CHAITALI RAIZADA: For her, baking is sacred


PACESETTER Chaitali Raizada
The alchemy of food
She quit a corporate job to set up a venture to bake healthy cakes. Chaitali believes that cakes can be wholesome and nutritious 
Mriganka Dadwal

FOR 37-year-old Bangalore-based baker-entrepreneur Chaitali Raizada, nobody could be a better brand ambassador than the lady herself. Chaitali, who is on a mission to provide “nutritious-yet-delicious” food in a “junked-out-world,” looks not a day above 25. Her brand Taantra is providing home-baked, organic, vegan cakes and muffins. An MBA, she had to quit her day job in an IT company to meet the ever-growing orders.

Targeted to cater to children, pregnant moms, and “souls who treat their body like a temple and not a junkyard,” these cakes come with 100 per cent oil- free and gluten-free tag. “I absolutely do not use maida and sugar in my baking. These are multi-grain and jaggery-based cakes and muffins,” she emphasises, adding that her “Aromatic orange almond cake is absolutely loved” by her women clientele.

On what inspired her to start baking, Chaitali recounts how merrily she did baking as a child. The hobby transitioned into a profession after her daughter Aanya was born. “Taantra came into existence due to my nine-year-old daughter as I wanted to inculcate a valuable lesson of healthy mind, body and soul early on in life. Once Aanya was born, my hobby became my saviour to feed her just the right stuff”.

Her friends pushed her to start this venture. She dug into her savings, invested a couple of lakhs towards the inventory and Taantraa was born. “Nothing has been raised from the market,” says the proud woman entrepreneur. She is dishing out “not less than 50 muffins and a couple of cakes everyday” from her kitchen. The venture is two years old and its popularity has grown beyond Bangalore. She accepts orders for cakes from all over the country and one has to place them at least 48 hours in advance.

The menu card in the Taantra kitchen – Hot Season King Mango, Pumpkin Cinderella Carriage, Aromatic Orange Almond, Rabbity Carrot, and Very Very Strawberry — looks like a page straight from Fairyland. Pumpkin in a cake, you ask her and pat comes the reply “Replacing traditional cake ingredients with healthier options like pumpkin or moong dal is actually my inspiration as this is what we grew up eating,” she adds that she is the first one in the world to bake moong dal cake which came into existence due to the fact that she wanted to feed her daughter “proteins from a vegetarian source”.

She is a firm believer that small kids recognize good food over bad food. One would think that being made from pure ingredients, organic cakes or muffins might be expensive but brand Taantra is dispelling such myths. The 250 gm multigrain cakes are priced at Rs 350, 250gm almond flour cakes are priced at Rs 450 and multigrain muffins are priced at Rs 60. Kathak and painting keep her grounded. She believes that Bangalore is her soul city. “My father is an Army officer, so we kept moving to various parts of India but now I am settled in Bangalore for the last six years and this feels like homecoming.” She does not even use microwave, non-stick pans in her preparations, almost making it sound like a holy ritual. Chaitali says, “During ancient times, baking was associated with birthing. Taantra and baking, as I see it, are both alchemical processes and hence the name.”


DNA covers Taantraa as the go-to bakery for healthy & delicious bakes in Bangalore <3 <3 <3

DNA covers Taantraa as the go-to bakery for healthy & delicious bakes in Bangalore


Bangalore Mirror covers Taantraa

Bangalore Mirror covers Taantraa


Deccan Chronicle covers Taantraa

Deccan Chronicle covers Taantraa



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  1. Im so impressed reading all about your new venture after quitting a corporate job! Wish you the best. I was actually looking online for a cake delivery to my brothers family in Jagdish Nagar. It looks close enough on the map, is it? I would like the delivery over the coming weekend. Would you?


  2. Hello Chaitali 🙂 Thank you for dropping by and liking the post Sustainable Thought (Part 5 of 6). I really appreciate it. I had the chance to look through your site and think what you’re doing is a great idea. Everything looks SO good. Wishing you continued success and great health. -Derek

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