Mystickal Child 💞 💞 💞

Her Smile ❤ Will you not do everything for her ❤ ❤ ❤
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Taantraa Love Thy Chocolate Cake

Taantraa Love Thy Chocolate Cake

Her *smile* is the Reason* The real pay off* Why we do What we do*Her well being is the reason ❤ 
Her preciousness is the reason ❤
Her health is the reason ❤ 
Our contribution to her Soul Journey ❤
Our Love for the Universe ❤
Mystickal Souls ” ❤ (((( Hiyori )))) ❤ ” for you !
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When she asked for us 🌟🌟🌟

She was turning 8 years old & Specially requested mum to order a cake from Taantraa
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Hiyori had eaten Taantraa’s *Love Thy Chocolate* muffins at one of the Farmers market & had loved them !

So knowing our *Universal love* for children we went over board as usual and here we are with our chocolate dripping* super stunning* ❤ Love Thy Chocolate ❤ cake ❤

Taantraa Love Thy Chocolate

Taantraa Love Thy Chocolate

For our Heartbeat *Hiyori* ❤ ❤ ❤

We wish you all the love* warmth* generosity* you would need to blossom into an awesome you !

Taantraa Love Thy Chocolate Cake

Taantraa Love Thy Chocolate Cake

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You can order your Soul warming healthy cakes at #9731244600 ❤

Farmers Market !

Green Allure Farmers Market at Adarsh Palm Retreat, Bangalore– 17th May 2015

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We are ready !

We are ready !

Taantraa's Mystickal Children

Taantraa’s Mystickal Children

“This summer we visited Adarsh Palm Retreat community of lovely inhabitants. 

Sharing the love with you. Pls help tag and share the love around. 

Be Well With much love always. 

For the rest of the pictures pls click here ❤ ❤ ❤  

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Two years old !

Any guesses on what this cute little Doll, all of 2 years is eating ????

Meet Shriya , she had few friends over to her place & wanted to serve them some awesomely healthy bakes !

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So her Gorgeous mum ordered muffins from Taantraa // Organic Handbaking ❤ ❤ ❤

Almond Muffins❤ Almond flour , banana, 100% Cocoa, Jaggery, Wheatgrass, Lots of spices etc etc .

Chocolate Sauce topping ❤ Has 100% Cocoa & Jaggery etc etc

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Book your Almond flour muffins #9731244600

Taantraa Academy is back!

Tantraa Academy

After a super first workshop, were back with the next one.
Scheduled on the 9th of March.
It’s gonna be baking, healthy living tips and fun all rolled into one.
Calling all evolved mums n dads :
Send in your kid for a 2-3 hour workshop with Taantraa.
Call us and we’ll block a seat for your lil one ❤

Kids Healthy Living & Baking Workshop

Workshop Pic

It was such a joy baking with the little ones ❤

We went way over time…
We baked more than we had planned to 
We made a mess of our hands 
In short, it was baking, learning and loads of fun!!

We have two sessions coming up next weekend:

‘Joy of Kitchen’ for kids below 7.
‘Healthy Living & Baking Workshop’ for kids 7-15.

Call us at 9731244600 or shoot a mail to to block a seat.

PS: Thanks to ALL the evolved mums & dads for letting us have the children for the fun hours ❤ ❤ ❤

Tampons the toxic brews or Gateway to Freedom ?

Tampons saved me. Saved me from insanity.

How are you supposed to smile and act normal if you are bleeding from down below.

Worse still accumulating all that muck in a pad !

Go through the day as if everything is normal when you are Constantly wet between your legs ? With a thing jutting between them !

Lord ! Anyways I thought I was dying and logically you should no ?

If you are dripping blood on the floor, in the flush and sometimes Lumps ! You Have to be super human to survive that month after month ! Suddenly I feel closer to God ! 😉 Like I am one kinds : ) 😉

Then mum introduced the pads – God if this wasn’t bad enough then the stuff you watched on TV and thought was used for drying the utensils was to be taped onto your underpants and between your legs and that’s how you are supposed to wait till you die?

I know my parents, poor souls they are just being supportive and strong for me and won’t let me feel bad by knowing that

Yes ! It’s time ! You are going to be dead in few days’ time !

I waited for months all together for this ordeal to get over !!!!

Get back to the golden days of non-bleeding but alas it was not meant to be.

College hostel saved the ordeal by introducing Girls best friend- NOOOO not condoms but Tampons !

I never looked back since till I found out the truth about bleached and unbleached tampons.

I took a pause and dug around , found few shiver inducing facts ….

Nothing off the shelf can be trusted. Far from truth, people won’t shy away from harming souls to gain a quick buck ?

Do the karmas come into play here ? Will hiding the truth add to the bad karmas of the person selling it ? Maybe , God knows best.

Dear God – Is there any justice for people who are bad in their lifetime ? It will help tremendously to know…….

Tampon truth:

Choline is used to bleach the cotton- which gets converted to Dioxins. ½ a tea spoon of which is enough to swipe off the planet !

Fibers are being left behind in our bodies which are floating in and around. These can never be removed by Any method…

With a heavy heart I lead you to an eye opening, Shiver inducing truth ladies

It’s a cycle isn’t it ?

Baby-girl-periods-maiden-women-mother-menopause-grandmother-oldest granny-and it tapers off….burnt or dug in-ed !

Unguarded Freedom always comes at a cost – In this context at the cost of Uterine problems.

Bleach ? yes women have been bleaching their face and bodies for donkies years and skin breathes in everything. Right ?

Hence the conclusion that I draw is our bodies are Toxic already and to top it all, you insert the tampon which is not Organic into your vagina – resulting in Dioxin.

Fame of Deadly Dioxin ?

“Dioxin is one of the most dangerous chemicals on the planet and literally a tablespoon [of it] would kill everyone on the planet,”. “It’s that deadly.” AND

“Chlorine, whether in laundry, swimming pools, or in tampons, breaks down into a deadly chemical called dioxin.”

Tampons are made of a variety of ingredients, “Tampons are not just cotton,” Perlingieri said. “They are made of dyes, fragrances, super-absorbent chemicals.” She said research has found a link between uterine problems and bleached tampons.

“In the last 25 years, millions of women–teens through women in elder years–have uterine-related troubles,” she said. “Part of the trouble we know from research is directly related to bleaching of tampons.”

Chlorine from bleach eventually turns to dioxin, Perlingieri said. “All tampons are bleached with the exception of two companies,” she said. “Chlorine, whether in laundry, swimming pools, or in tampons, breaks down into a deadly chemical called dioxin.”

“Dioxin is one of the most dangerous chemicals on the planet and literally a tablespoon [of it] would kill everyone on the planet,” she said. “It’s so deadly.”

Jill Wood, an instructor in Penn State’s women’s studies department who received her master’s degree studying menstruation and menstrual health, said she does not use tampons as a precaution for her health and safety.

“I don’t use commercial tampons,” she said. “I don’t think the health risks are reasonable. I also eat organic food. Pesticides and dioxins are not safe in food or tampons.”

She said tampon companies underestimate the effects of dioxin. “Tampon manufacturers say that [tampons] are safe and levels of dioxin are so low that they are almost undetectable,” she said. “[That may be] true, but we only need a small trace amount for dioxin to do damage. It accumulates in our bodies over our lifetime and it’s not something the body can ever get rid of. Ingesting it in food is one thing, but putting it in vaginas is another.”

Tierno said chlorine bleach, while safer than other bleaches, is not safe in respect to the large amount of tampons women can use in their lifetime.

“The chemical used to bleach tampons, chlorine dioxide, is better than chlorine bleaches used previously,” he said. “Even in small amounts, it is no good and many women use tampons throughout their lives. This is quite significant.”

Perlingieri also believes dioxin is unsafe because women use a lot of tampons. “Women use 11 to 12,000 tampons over their life cycle … maybe more with teens using them,” she said. “All that dioxin going into a woman’s bloodstream and all those fibers wandering around in a woman’s body–that’s part of the toxic brew. Tampon companies have known for decades that the ingredients in products are not safe.” Unwrapping the myths more here.

Okay ! Now for some good news : ) there Always is 😉

Little known to us there is this wonder device that our sisters in the west have been using for a Long time. I think culture has a lot to do with this as to why this information is so hidden from us in east but nevertheless; Miss Detective has it and is ready to share 😉

Yes ! It’s creepy, clumsy, silly piece of silicon at the looks of it    B   U   T , quick smart thinking and rethinking tells us we should give it a try !

Because no one else will keep our body healthy for us. We and only we are entrusted with this task.

Most popular brand is Divacup I have been trying to source it’s dealership. I want to own this cup !

Methodology to use these God sent cups can be read at and it shall explain it all !

These are reusable ! For a poor economy as India, I would have believed this would have been our 1st choice and not use-once-throw products like pads and tampons ! If my mom would have introduced this to me long time back and had she been using this all this while. We would have saved …hmmm let me calculate 😉 I push my Math’s ALL THE TIME !

Tampons used during our lifetime= 12,000

1 pack of 32 tampons cost             = 180 /-

Therefore                                              =12000/32*180

INR                                                          = 67500 /-

Me & Mum                                            = 135000 /- so quite a lot ! We could have shopped !!!!

I would have bought Sliver 😉

Well, I will lead you to the well and let you decide if you want to drink from it or not. That’s the karma of an informer and sharer. Rest that follows is the karma of the body/soul as everyone has their own journey to cover and lessons to learn.

I take a bow here and leave you to ponder to the deepest core of your scared vagina’s. The doors that open to the being of a tampon or the squishiness of it with a pad.


BTW DeAnna L’am is conducting long distance training for women on topics related to Menstruation She has loads of other information’s like “A mother-daughter care package”

Reverse “The Curse”!Our daughters, OurselvesInspiring Adolescent Children To Love themselvesRed Tent RetreatOur daughters, Ourselves

May the Moon guide you and be by your side Always !

Blessings Always.

* I haven’t touched upon TSS on the assumption that we are well read people 😉 Okay…… ! Here is the link you spoon feeders 🙂


* All pics from Loving Google